Work From Home Part Time Jobs for Teenagers

Teenage needn’t be all about all play and no work. Teens and college students could always try some work from home part time jobs for teenagers that could help them earn money fast.

This write-up discusses a few home based jobs and work from home online jobs without any investment. Doing your part-time jobs from home gives you the flexibility you need. Work at home and make money online!


Teenage is when golden is the age and golden are the dreams! It’s amazing to see these kidults striving for more and much more than they already have. Be it a party, or a rock concert, or even a recently released super-hit movie; nothing, absolutely nothing escapes their curiosity!

Their urge to get more experience, and have a taste of every bit of this life is a feeling that no normal human of their age is devoid of. Now if they want to explore so much, they need ways and means to do that. They simply need the driving force of this 21st century- they need to earn money fast and they need some work for it!

Work from home part time jobs for teenagers has several other benefits too. It makes these teenagers much more responsible and prepares them for their future full-time jobs. They learn the art of managing their hard earned money and, above all, they have enough of it to add to their little piggy banks.

So what are some good work from home part time jobs for teenagers?


For all those who love writing, be it creative writing or article writing or writing on social issues, you are welcome to the blogging planet. Bloggers post stuff of their interest and there are takers and readers for almost every niche. It depends on you how you make it more alluring to bring in more and more traffic.

Work From Home Part Time Jobs for Teenagers

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Once you’ve reached a state where you continually receive a decent traffic on your posts, you will be considered eligible to get paid for ads through Adsense. And yes, till then, keep calm as patience is the key to blogging. Put up interesting posts on a regular basis and make money online.

Stating that blogging is a home based job would be an understatement.  Not all bloggers are writers. Some of the popular bloggers post photos, cartoon, memes and downloadable software’s.

You can make a blog using any of these major platforms like: WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly etc.


Sounds resonating to blogging, doesn’t it? But it is a bit different. Freelancing is another one of those work from home online jobs without any investment. Here, you have to write as per the customer’s requirement and you get paid for selling your writing skills.

Home Based Online Jobs for Teens

Though both blogging as well as content writing deals with writing, the major difference is in the matter of identity. In a blog, the content is your property, and in content-writing, you’re selling it, so it no-longer belongs to you, though you’ve worked on it.

It’s also quiet a cool hobby cum job from home for those who cherish writing and can deliver as per customer’s exact requirements. You can trust one of the most reliable content writing platform, iWriter or other popular sites like Freelancer and UpWork.


Writing may not be your calling but something else must be! Surely, writing jobs aren’t the only freelance jobs available online. You could do typing, data entry, translating and web-designing. Freelancing offers you work from home online jobs without any investment. Time and effort are your only investments!

Register with freelance sites like Freelancer and UpWork to make money online.

Try LanguageLine for translation jobs.


There could be no better and simpler idea than this for home based jobs. Tutor all those young students nearby. For this, you need no special qualifications except thorough and in-depth knowledge of the subject you are intending to teach. Do make sufficient preparations beforehand.

Part Time Tution Jobs for Teenagers


Your tutoring needn’t be restricted to those students and teens in your neighborhood. Online tutorship gives you the chance to tutor students all over the globe. There are dedicated sites available online tailor-made for this and offering work from home part time jobs for teenagers.

Eduwizards, Oktutor and Tutor are sites you can checkout.

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Does a teenager’s opinion matter? Well, it does according to all those survey sites available online. Survey sites are another one of those work from home part time jobs for teenagers.

You can make money online, just by rating, surveying and putting up your views. Companies want to hear your feedback and are ready to pay you for that. Some of the sites that allow teens to take up the surveys are:

  • – (YOU MUST BE at least 16 to sign-up!)
  • – (YOU MUST BE at least 13 to sign-up!)
  • – (YOU MUST BE at least 13 to sign-up!)

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Work at Home Part Time Writing Jobs for Teenagers

Are you a Grammar Nazi? Then here is that opportunity you have been looking for. Your good grammar and editing skills are going to fetch you work. Turn that obsessive compulsive attitude of yours into solid cash.

Some sites do allow you to work for them as a proofreader and editor even if you are a teenager. Teens and college students could work at home and make money online. Some sites that offer such works are: TextMasters, Upwork, Guru etc.

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Reviewing music is another great option among the work from home part time jobs for teenagers. Now who wouldn’t love the idea of getting paid for listening to music and then voicing their views about it?

All you need to do is to listen to the works of new artists and review them. No pre-requisite conditions or skills are required. You just need to be 17 or above to apply. Payments are done via PayPal and a range is fixed for each track. It undoubtedly is another good option among the home based jobs that helps teenagers earn money fast. It’s simple, and you can surely give it a spin here:

Beginning your very own YouTube channel or training yourself a bit to do transcription are another great options available for you to make money online. Part-timers and part time jobs are here to stay!

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Work From Home Part Time Jobs for Teenagers

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