Why Teyana Taylor Encourages Daughter Junie, 5, to Be on TikTok

It’s never too young to start an empire!

We Got Love Teyana & Iman star Teyana Taylor has been planning five-year-old daughter Junie Shumpert‘s career for years, and now, the director-actress-choreographer reveals her secret to fostering daughter Junie’s creativity. 

“Junie is a free spirit, you know what I’m saying?” Teyana explains in a sneak peek at the Aug. 25 episode. “So the fact that she does have so much personality, TikTok I feel like is a great outlet.”

However, the mother of two knows that social media can be a dangerous landscape for a young child. “I feel like there’s no control way to handle TikTok,” Teyana adds. “TikTok can get out of control. But I love the fact that TikTok allows kids to be expressive and learn new things. I’m just trying to give her her freedom to do what she do. I just want to find a happy medium.” 

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