Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF August 9 – 1 5, 2021

Mixed messages much? If a certain relationship has been nebulous lately, prepare for signals to get seriously scrambled on Monday, August 9. Your cosmic custodian, hazy Neptune, forms an exact opposition to love planet Venus, who’s parked in sensible Virgo and your partnership sector. You know what YOU’RE feeling and are attracted to, but you may not be convinced of its mutuality. Or perhaps your captivation is a cause for concern because it’s so strong—and so soon! Part of you is dying to be totally swept off your feet—love, Pisces-style—but another side is cognizant of such “trifles” as availability, timing and geography. Whenever fantasy-fueled Neptune aligns with Venus, it’s hard to get a clear read on any situation. If you’re not crossing any obvious lines or setting yourself up for heartache, why NOT explore these seductive vibes? Just proceed with caution and try to find a way to substantiate what you’re feeling. Ask a grounded friend to be a gatekeeper and to (gently!) point out where you might be veering into the unicorn territory.

Are you in a relationship—or getting something with solid potential off the ground? Don’t ignore red flags, even pink ones. These aren’t necessarily deal breakers, but they can show you where some sticky issues might arise. It may actually be easier to address them now—in the throes of that “new love” energy—than to wait till you’re looking for an excuse to bolt (out of your own fears). Find a nonconfrontational way to broach the topic, ideally on neutral turf, speaking in a way that presents the issue as something you’re feeling, not that they’re doing. And remember: Romance is always a dance, and you’ll take turns leading AND following.

These efforts get turbocharged on Wednesday, when affectionate Venus (in Virgo and your relationship house) catches a supportive beam from intensifier Pluto in grounded Capricorn and your experimental eleventh house. Couples should tap into the friendship side of the bond, especially if things get emotionally volatile. This will remind you of the bedrock your union is built on. Unattached? An intriguing prospect might suddenly stand out in a group setting, and since Pluto’s activating your tech zone, dating apps are worth considering again. But take it seriously! You get out of things what you put into them, so set the bar high and sniff out the commitment-phobes before a conversation ensues.

Also on Wednesday, communicator Mercury joins lovebirds Venus and Mars in Virgo and that dynamic-duo zone. It’ll be here until August 30, encouraging (and helping) you to voice your deepest desires. How will your partner or new person of interest know what you want if you don’t even drop a hint? Just watch for two potential pitfalls: oversharing, and becoming overly demanding or critical if the other person doesn’t respond “perfectly.” Regardless of your current status, this planetary pileup is sure to trigger your urge to merge—even if you’ve sworn off relationships!

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