Liar, Liar Head’ on Fire Goes the Distance 

Hector Gomez is the youngest son of the proprietors of Hero’s Sporting Goods — Official Sporting Goods Suppliers of the Mt. Olympus Spartan Run. Any guesses as to which Disney classic this is a twisted spin on? If you guessed Hercules, then you guessed correctly. Young Hector is ready to go the distance to turn himself from a zero into a hero. Unfortunately, Hades doesn’t play fair.

Disney Chills: Liar, Liar Head on Fire Goes the Distance

Disney Chills: Liar, Liar, Head on Fire
Hector’s family teasingly calls him “Wonderboy” as he trains for the illustrious Mt. Olympus Spartan Run, but they have no idea that he is destined for greatness, with a little help from the Underworld. During the practice run, Hector gets conned by a new athlete named Mae who ends up becoming a major distraction for him. They become fast friends, but not nearly as fast as Hector becomes when he makes a deal with Hades to get a speedy boost.

If you have been reading the Disney Chills series, then you can guess that things do not go well for Hector in Liar, Liar Head on Fire. Unlike Hercules’ triumphant victory at the end of Hercules, Hector is not reunited with the mortal world. In fact, he becomes one with the River Styx. It’s a grim ending, but a great reminder to kids that we all have our special skills and we shouldn’t get jealous of the skills of others.

I may not be a middle-grade reader, but the Disney Chills series is everything that I would have loved back then. Liar, Liar Head on Fire would have been my favorite book as a middle-grader because Hector is homeschooled like I was. I can count on one hand the number of times in nearly thirty years that I have seen a protagonist in a major series be homeschooled.

After five spectacular books, we have come to the end of the line for the Disney Chills series. For now, at least. Disney would be foolish not to have Vera Strange bring to life more villainous tales with this series. As long as there are Disney stories, there are always more villains to reimagine for the younger audiences.

From scary encounters with the shadowy Dr. Facilier or the looming figure of Captain Hook, to the nightmare-inducing plot of a little girl being turned into a mannequin, and now a victoryless race to Mt. Olympus — the world needs more Disney Chills.

Disney Chills: Liar, Liar Head on Fire is on sale now.

Disney Chills: Liar, Liar Head on Fire


Disney Chills: Liar, Liar Head on Fire

‘Disney Chills: Liar, Liar, Head on Fire’ Goes the Distance



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