How Being a Girl Dad Prepared Jason Momoa for His Latest Movie Role

Jason continues, “It’s amazing. I mean I just started my acting career at 19, and she’s 20. She’s already amazing, she’s gonna be phenomenal.”

Even though Jason is known for his action-packed films, he reveals that he let the pros give Isabela advice in that department.

“I hired the best action team that I consider in the world and then, you know, just let them do their job and to teach her,” he says, adding, “When we were fighting and playing around the ground, we would say, ‘I’ll do this, do that.'”

However, Isabela admitted that Jason did help her with the stunts, even when he wasn’t technically giving her any tips.

“You have such a familiarity with stunts in general, you absolutely taught me so much,” she explains. “And you pick it up like that, and I mean, it was inspiring. I literally felt like, ‘Okay, I have to be just like him when it comes to stunts.'”

Sweet Girl comes out on Netflix on Aug. 20.

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