CNN anchor praises Biden adviser Anita Dunn as a ‘bada–‘ trailblazer

CNN’s Dana Bash called White House adviser Anita Dunn as a “trailblazing” and “badass” woman of Washington in her continuing Badass Women of Washington series.

On Sunday, Bash profiled Dunn as one of the “the influential women in Washington whose energy, perspective and determination are reshaping one of the power centers in what is still largely a man’s town.” One of these included “How Anita Dunn got ‘to the table’ and has helped other women follow.”

The piece highlighted Dunn’s career from a White House intern under President Jimmy Carter to a senior adviser under President Joe Biden. While being highly supportive of her work ethic and “fierce loyalty,” the piece also noted her “pointed” insight.


“If you make a mistake, fix it, move on,” she declared. “There are people who are paralyzed about making a mistake, and in politics one of the worst things you can do is allow yourself to get paralyzed, and it’s bad for the entire organization.”

The piece also acknowledged her work as an adviser to President Barack Obama, though it did not include Dunn serving as a consultant to Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein after a scathing New York Times publication against him. However, the author noted that Dunn did speak about the recent AG report that concluded New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women while serving in office.

“Reading about the experiences those 11 women had gone through — it felt like 45 years of watching America, in many respects,” Dunn mentioned.

This piece also came after Dunn announced her upcoming departure from the White House to return to SKDK, a liberal corporate and political consulting firm. Despite her serving as a White House adviser for more than 130 days, however, Dunn will not be forced to disclose her finances to the public. 


Although this goes against federal law which highly-involved presidential appointees to publicly disclose their finances, a White House official previously told Fox News that Dunn is one of three officials the administration said did not meet the threshold for disclosure.

Dunn had also previously faced controversy for her connections to dark money left-wing groups while not disclosing her finances.

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