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August 14, 2021

The possibilities are endless on Saturday, Capricorn. With a little legwork, you could unlock the perfect strategy to make a dream come true. Just one warning: Stay on task. It’s easy to vanish down the online rabbit hole today, so watch the clock while you’re swiping and scrolling. If you remain focused, the virtual realm may help you achieve your objective. Slide into a power player’s DMs, join a Facebook group for people with similar goals or promote a friend’s business on your social platforms. Small gestures like that can put you in touch with a like-minded person across the globe. Come out of your cocoon on Sunday and flap those social butterfly wings! You’re feeling more gregarious, as the quarter moon in Scorpio brightens your eleventh house of humanity. If you’ve been lying low or drowning in work recently, it’s time to mix and mingle again! Don’t be surprised if you receive an influx of invites from your pod. But easy does it, Cap! While you’re eager to see friends, this balancing moon advises against saying “yes” to everything.

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