Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF August 16 – 2 2, 2021

Live locally, love globally? Whatever your relationship status, get ready to widen your perspective starting Monday, August 16. As vixen Venus boards a flight into Libra and your worldly ninth house, anything but “the usual” will do. Between now and September 10, the cosmic creatrix will fill your head with innovative, expansive ideas about spicing up your love life. Maybe it’s a road trip with bae through national parks (on motorcycle) or a solo sojourn to seek connection somewhere far from home. Even if you’re staying put, Venus is sounding the call for more social diversity. If all your friends look, sound and think a lot like you, well, Aquarius, what’s up with that? Freeing yourself from the echo chamber has many benefits. Not only will you become a more well-rounded human, but you’ll tap into new dimensions of yourself. Or maybe you’ve already amassed a motley crew of friends. Find a way to introduce them and see what gives. Whether virtually or IRL, this social experiment is sure to yield some fascinating connections!

If your home life has been anything but calm and centered, you may finally get a break in the action. On Thursday, renegade Uranus—your cosmic ruler—slips into its annual, five-month retrograde. Your galactic guardian has been nestled in Taurus since May 2018 and is settled here until April 2026. During this long transit, you may experience some shifts (even dramatic ones) with family, roommates and your living situation overall. On the upside, there’s been excitement and possibly hoped-for changes, but just as likely, not everything has been going according to your ideal vision. With Uranus in reverse gear until January 18, 2022, the intensity might level off, giving you a chance to catch your breath and assess the shifts (and the damage, if there’s been any). If you can’t make MORE time for your inner circle, do what you can to improve the quality of it. Even if you have to beg off on a few fun engagements, this reversal can help you reset your priorities. Some Aquarians may be inspired to redecorate—or relocate—but don’t do anything rash. This isn’t the ideal time to put your house on the market, but definitely say yes to Airbnb-ing with a friend for a month while you go on a nomadic sabbatical…or doing a two-week swap with your friend who lives in an Airstream! (Hey, an Aquarius can dream…)

But don’t stop there. Set some personal intentions—and make them epic—because this weekend brings a rare and incredible event for Water Bearers. The second in a back-to-back pair of Aquarius full moons will light up the skies, doubling the manifestation mojo you had a month ago during its July 23 companion. Give yourself permission to focus purely on your own path, at least for a few hours surrounding the full moon, which happens on Sunday, August 22 at 8:01AM EDT to be exact. This vision may or may not involve other people; that’s not the point. What matters is this: Does it make your soul sing? Whether you lock in on the next chapter of life or just the next steps, make a list of actions that you’ll take first thing next Monday morning when you hit the ground running on…life!

Later on Sunday (at 5:35PM EDT), the Sun shifts into Virgo and your “make it or break it” eighth house. No more messing around, Aquarius! If you’re on the fence, you have four weeks to get clear about your direction. (Or ban yourself from complaining to friends about the situation if you’re not going to do anything about it!) This time is about playing for keeps and really laying things on the line. If you decide “this is it,” next steps materialize swiftly. However, if you’re still unsure about someone’s status, try this experiment. Seriously try to envision life without them. When you’re together, imagine how you’d feel if they were no longer a part of your life. Which part of you is more into it: your head, heart (or nether regions)? This can help you get clarity. If you’ve been withholding affection, flip the script. See what happens if you give it your all for a couple weeks. You won’t truly discover how a partnership will unfold until you go all the way in yourself!

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