A Bride Rethinks Her Black Wedding Gown on Say Yes to the Dress

‘Til death do them part. 

This bride’s dreams for an undead “goth princess fantasy” wedding are still very much still alive during an exclusive sneak peek at this week’s Say Yes to the Dressairing Aug. 14.

Redheaded bride-to-be Alex is determined to find a dark wedding dress to complement her Lucille Ball meets Morticia Addams themed big day. However, her $3,000 price point and modern venue may not fit with her twisted fairytale dream. Even Kleinfeld bridal stylist Krissy is tentative to suggest a black gown for Alex. 

“We can try some different shapes too, especially with the black dress because I have something in mind that’s super dramatic,” Krissy advises in the preview. “But when you put it on, you’ll know immediately if that’s the route you want to go.”

Alex assures her, “I feel like I just need to see one on to be like, ‘Ok, I get it, I’m good.'” 

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